Friday, February 3, 2017


The other day while picking Parker up from preschool Tyler and him had the cutest conversation. Tyler was going through his backpack and pulled out an envelope that had a tuition invoice in it.  Here's how the conversation went...
Parker: What that?
Tyler: Your preschool bill that daddy and mommy have to pay 
Parker: I pay that
Tyler: But you don't had any money
Parker: I get job
Tyler: Where?
Parker: The donut store (there's a dunkin donuts right down from our house) 
Tyler: When do you start
Parker: Not now, Sunday 

Here are some another cute things he says...
I not know
Baby Jude (we get corrected if we just say Jude)
Watch mine (when wanting to watch his show)
That make Parker happy
wait wait wait, I tell you something 
I PeterParkerSpiderman (that's all one word by the way)

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